Hobucken 080619

A cloudy day on the IWC, this was my first time taking the Hasselblad out in a canoe.

HB Goose Creek 060719

Was testing Cokin filters with Ilford SFX, but most of the roll seemed weirdly under-exposed. Finally tested the meter and found it was off by varying degrees depending on the lighting.

YashicaMat 124G 0519

This one continues to impress, even though I wasn’t being very meticulous with it. Much better images than the Olympus on the same day, although it’s not usable sitting in the ski. Had some developer issues on one of these, and found Snapseed was better for salvaging it than was LR.

Olympus Stylus 35-70 Zoom 0519

Took a +/- 25 year-old “weatherproof” camera out on my surfski, shooting Ilford HP5. After this trial, I sold the Olympus TG5 I had been using - the lack of a viewfinder in sunny conditions was too big an impediment for me.

F2 Blount's Bay 060119

Working with an F2 and a Vivitar 28mm auto lens. Realized later the lens wasn’t coupling in the usual way but was able to get these.

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