360 Assessments are performed using a secure, online survey-based process administered by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). A list of raters is prepared by the participant, and CCL then contacts each with instructions for completing a detailed survey. When all surveys are complete, two hard copies of the findings are returned for review and use in preparing a development plan.

It's the subsequent development plan and its implementation that make 360 Assessments effective. Assessments performed without responsive action are known in the industry as "drive-by" assessments. In addition, as 360 Assessments are developmental in nature they are not used for matters of compensation, disciplinary action or promotion. Instead, they are used to highlight areas of potential growth that are worthy investments of time and energy to the individual, the team and the organization. 

These assessments are offered only through individuals that CCL has trained and certified in these assessments. I have that certification and can use this assessment as part of our coaching.

How Is It Done?

We begin by establishing the rationale for the 360 and how it should be most helpful. Using CCL's criteria we identify the best people to participate and then you invite them into the process. From there it is all online in a way that you yourself can manage the process up to the point that all surveys are complete. That's when I ask CCL to compile the data and send to us for review.

What Gets Measured? 

The assessment measures the 16 competencies and 5 derailment factors for a total of 130 items. The feedback report displays results grouped into 4 categories: 

  • Leading the organization;
  • Leading others; 
  • Leading yourself; 
  • Problems that can stall a career.

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One of 42 pages in a sample report

One of 42 pages in a sample report