Composite image by Rob Taylor and Bruce Flye

Composite image by Rob Taylor and Bruce Flye

Bruce Flye

People have described me in various ways: an architect of ideas; a graphic developmentologist;  the love child of Batman and the Cat in the Hat.

Over the years I’ve created roles and responsibilities for myself in constantly evolving ways. After earning a design degree from NCSU and a license to practice architecture, I moved into practice management, first in the private sector and then as University Architect at ECU. I eventually moved beyond the confines of bricks and mortar and into the more complex planning and policy-making that precede ideas for construction. Those challenges opened the doors to visual thinking, group process and human development. 

Making Voices Visible is a thread that runs through most of my work since 2004. For me, graphic facilitation is about making others' voices visible, helping groups and individuals to see in new ways that help create shared meaning. Photography, on the other hand, is about making my own voices visible.

Groups I have helped with graphic facilitation include:

  • The Center for Creative Leadership
  • Cisco Systems, Inc.
  • Morgan Stanley
  • College of Pharmacy, Nova Southeastern University
  • Triangle J Council of Governments
  • Centralina Council of Governments
  • The Creative Education Foundation
  • The University of Scranton
  • Purdue University at Calumet
  • Girl Scouts USA
  • The Clearing, Inc.
  • Crowe Howarth LLC

As of 2017, I furnish photographs for licensing to: