Graphic Recording:  Making Voices Visible

Chances are that you have attended at least one event that used a graphic recorder. You probably noticed how curious people were about the work, following its progress and studying it afterward. Did you also notice that the event had a little more energy, that the graphic permitted you to process things more deeply and that accomplishments could be clearly seen?

Direction, alignment and commitment are preceded by the ability to answer the implied question of "Toward what?" Imagine that instead of verbally answering that question yourself you could just invite others to answer it on their own by inviting attention to a picture on the wall. Remember: what we focus on grows. I've encountered people who attended events years before and could not remember what was said, but they remember my drawings!

I've supported team leaders and executives who were guiding meetings as well skilled facilitators; I've also helped in the space in between. Do you remember Will Smith's line in the film Men in Black? We can do that for your event!